Frequently Asked Questions:

1.     A small window opens and closes. Nothing is happening


   I’m getting a message “Currently you are accessing a course, please close that to access this” 

This kind of problems happens due to pop-up blockers. There are lots of toolbars, applications which are being installed in the browser which block the pop-ups. This will block the course to run. The user has to allow popup on all the tool bars and also in the browsers.

 2.     IE crash- Course window closes giving a IE error message “Internet explorer encountered a problem and need to close. Sorry for inconvenience. 

If the Internet Explorer is crashing, then the user has to take help of the local IMG. As this is system specific problem the local IT/IMG people can take necessary action.  

When we receive such problems earlier, we recommended the users to user Netscape Navigator  6 or above with Sun JRE 1.4.2_02.  For any further queries on IE crash you can ask the users to recommend the same solution.  

3.     I’m not able to access the course. 

The users will not be able to access courses for the following reasons.

       If pop up blockers are enabled for the site.

       If the operating system is Windows XP with service Pack 2

       If the user is under a firewall where it blocks the Java  Cab Files 


4.     When I click on course icon, a small window comes up and closes.


       If pop up blockers are enabled for the site.

       If the operating system is Windows XP with service Pack 2



       If it is due to pop up blockers, disable pop blockers for the site while accessing the courses:


·         right click on the Internet explorer standard toolbar

·         Uncheck the options if any third party tools of popup blockers such as Google, Yahoo! Companion, etc.

       If the operating system is Windows XP sp2, then follow the steps in FAQ# 15  

5.     The course window opens and hangs in “Loading please wait “state. 


       This is caused by Java not capable of launching the self-executing applet that brings down the player and runs the course.

       Java is being blocked or filtered from playing through the browser. 


      First, check to see if this is a wide spread issue or an individual machine error. If it is a system wide error (all users have this issue or all users at this location have this issue)

      If it is system wide it is usually the applet being blocked or filtered at the Proxy/Firewall and the IS department needs to change the settings on the proxy/Firewall.

      If it is an individual issue, you need to establish the browser type (Internet Explorer or Netscape)

      Please note: The resolution for this issue could involve altering your system files or downloading from the Internet. Please check with your IS department before beginning any system changes.

      If you are using Internet Explorer, check the settings as follows:

·        Download a new Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in Internet Explorer  from the microsoft site.

·        On the next page you will scroll down to the bottom and select the uppermost of the 3 choices (Microsoft VM build #### for Windows 95/98, Windows Me and Windows NT 4.0) and choose to run it from it’s current location.

·        Click OK or YES to any of the questions you will be prompted with.

·        Begin download of the JVM that is applicable to your browser.

·        Microsoft VM build 3802 for Windows 95/98, Windows Me and Windows NT 4.0 5.4 MB.(Important Once installed, the Microsoft VM cannot be uninstalled.)
(All supported language versions are included in this download.)

·        Microsoft VM build 3802 for Microsoft Windows 2000 (hotfix)
(Important Once installed, the hotfix cannot be uninstalled.)

·        Note: Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 must be installed prior to installing the 3802 hotfix.)

·        Microsoft VM Debug Classes (Developers Only)Remember, to make this take affect, you will need to reboot your pc.

      If Microsoft VM is installed and still he faces the problem, then ask the user to send the Java Console Contents.  

6.    How to send the Java Console contents:

      Open IE -> Click on Tools -> internet options

      Select the advanced tab

      Scroll down to Microsoft VM option

      Check the option “java console enabled(requires restart)”

      Close the browser

      Login and access the course. After clicking on take course icon, wait for few minutes and then in parent window go to view menu -> java console

      A small window will be displayed with some text

      Please copy the text in the window and send it. 

7.     How to test the browser capabilities of the user’s system. 

       Access the below link from the same system where you have experienced the problem:

       Click on the link “click here” in the first line of the page.

       Enter your email and click on submit

       Ask the user to forward the mail send by SkillSoft with browser test results to analyze the issue.

8. How to check whether JVM/JRE is installed on your system or not? 

       Open Internet Explorer->Click on Menu "Tools" -> click on "Internet
Options" -> click on "Advanced" tab

       Check whether "Microsoft VM" installed or not.

       If it is already Installed then check the "JIT compiler for virtual
machine enabled (requires restart)" Option under "Microsoft VM". Restart
the browser.

       If it is not installed- Download Microsoft VM from the link:  

       Or download Sun JRE from this link: 

9. Not able to login to the site:


       User may mistyped or forgot the password/user id

       This Site must been blocked by the Client Network. 


       Take the help of IT/IMG to remove the site from the block list..

       Steps for IE browser:

·         Open IE browser and click on Tools-> internet options-> privacy tab

·         Then click on edit button in websites section

·         Enter the address of the site and click on allow button and then click on ok button.

·         Refresh the IE and try to login to the site.

       Steps for Netscape browser:

·         Open the Netscape browser and enter the site address in the address bar

·         click on Tools -> cookie manger -> Allow cookies from this site

·         Refresh the browser and try to login again. 

10. Cannot access courses- Showing an error message “”


       This problem may be due to network connection failure or

       If the browser is unable open the Java Cab file  


       Contact your network administrator  

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