Instructions for Viewing Contents

1- First users should apply for the course by going through various steps as told in how to apply links on the home page.

2- Now user should login with given username & password. Once users get logged in, he/she should click on the required course category then all the chapters of the corresponding category will be displayed.

3- Now user should clicks the chapters and access it. It should be noted that a chapter will be opened in new page after clicking to the links titled name of the concerned chapter, shown under Contents block.

4- After opening a chapter user can forward/backward a page by clicking on the next/previous button displayed in the player shown in the page at below. Also user can play/stop the chapter by clicking the concerned button in shown in player.
5- A diagram shown in top right corner of a page can zoom in by clicking on it.

6- To close this zoom in image click on close option in top right corner of zoomed image page. Some zoomed image can zoom out by clicking it again.

7- In the images shown with a lens on it, the user could zoom this image by clicking on it.

8- A page can also contain link of other page which can be justified by an underline on a word and can be opened by clicking on the linked word.

9- An image may contain circled annotation which in turn provides details of annotated words. To find details of annotated words click on annotation.

10- An activity is given at the end of each chapter which should be attempted.

Minimum H/W & S/W requirements for viewing the course.

The contents developed would be accessible by users with a desktop PC (preferably P-IV)and bandwidth of 1 Mbps or more.

Recommended Learner Workstation Software Specifications :

   Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000 (with SP2)
   Adobe Flash Player Download here
   Internet Explorer 6.0 or above or Mozilla Firefox
     with latest Microsoft VM or SUN JRE
   Cookies and Java script should be enabled
   Popup has to be enabled

Recommended Learner Workstation Hardware Specifications :

   Pentium 4 with 1 GHz or More
   512 MB RAM (1 GB with Windows 2000 & XP)or      More
   AGP 4MB Video Card - 16-bit Video
   100% Sound Blaster Compatible Sound Card
   Headphones or speakers
   TCP/IP Installed

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